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Ticket Models: FB Quick Tickets & TeleApp Processes

Electronic applications come in all shapes and sizes.  Submitting tickets (a.k.a. Quick Tickets, Fast Apps, TeleApps, etc.) takes the burden of much of the administrative application process out of the agent's hands and places it into the carriers'.  With ticket models, the agent submits a ticket electronically.  The carrier or call center then interviews the applicant and completes the formal application and sets up the exam (please check carrier program details for specifics on what will be completed).  Read here for a candid first-hand account of how simple this process can really be!

Benefits of the Ticket Models:

  • Eliminates NiGO (Not in Good Order) submissions
  • Simplifies application processing of high-quality, low-cost term insurance
  • Reduces cycle time by 10-14 days
  • Increases placement ratios by 7%
  • Allows call centers to tele-underwrite and complete detailed information gathering, freeing the agent to sell more and get paid faster
  • Enables agents to rapidly sell into underserved "Main Street" America               


FB Quick Tickets via iGO -

FB Quick Tickets are the fastest way to submit business to a carrier for processing.  Simply look for the identifying blue FB Quick Ticket icon in the term quote engine results page for participating carriers or click one of the applicable six links below.  Save time - save money - get paid faster! Click here or on the FB Quick Ticket button above to access drop tickets for the following:

  • AXA
  • Banner (Legal & General America) AppAssist
  • Genworth Life Quick Request (LQR) - The Genworth links provided below must be used for all Genguard UL and Asset Builder IUL
  • MetLife
  • Mutual of Omaha Speed eTicket
  • Principal National
  • Protective Life Tele-App
  • Prudential Fast App
  • Transamerica LifeTicket
  • Voya Term App Express
Drop Tickets/TeleApp Submissions via Carrier Websites


American General Quick Ticket - Tickets in progress will not be saved. Please fully complete and submit before exiting.
American General Quick Ticket Producer User Guide

Banner Life Insurance AppAssist through Banner's Web Site - NOTE: Requires Banner Signature Card

Banner Life Insurance - Download AppAssist App for your Smart Phone

Genworth Life Insurance Quick Request (LQR) via Genworth's portal - For Genguard UL

Genworth Life Insurance Quick Request (LQR) via Winflex Web
- For Asset Builder IUL - link will take you to Winflex Web to run your illustration and from there you can load the LQR Ticket

Genworth Long-Term Care (LTC) Insurance Quick Request

Genworth LTC Producer Training

Genworth Total Living Coverage (TLC) Quick Request

Genworth LTC Producer Training and Marketing Materials

Protective Life Tele-App Entry
- NOTE: Requires Appointment and Agent Number
Protective Life Tele-App - Instructions


On-line Full Application Entry


iGO Login

Click Here to Learn About iGO

If you have questions about on-line application entry or any of the ticket processes, please contact your Life Marketer, Andrea Rasser or Sarah Stewart @ 800.397.9999800.397.9999.